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One of a kind porcelain
pieces inspired by nature

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A Premier Pottery Shop

Similar to nature, no Vieterre piece is like another. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that covers the earth, each piece is a one-of-a-kind and handmade porcelain fixture that masterfully balances bold and delicate elements. Fill your home with an aura of sanctuary, serenity, movement and life with our environmentally friendly and sustainable collection. 

Our Movement 

Through sharing Vieterre with the world, our hope is to reintroduce you to nature’s elements and help you share light and life in your space. Each piece is a pure expression of our passion for beauty and our craft while also serving as a reminder to love our home, mother earth.  Through sustainable measures, we aspire to exhibit love and compassion not only for one another, but for the earth we share. 

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Maria Cruz Saavedra and Mercedes Durrieu


The Hands Behind Vieterre:

As citizens of the world, Mercedes and Maria Cruz create with the intention of sharing their endearment and devotion to nature with others. Their journey began in Buenos Aires, where they grew up in a metropolitan setting, escaping to the countryside to connect with nature whenever possible. As adults, both our founders moved to Miami with their families. Inspired by Miami’s emerging art and design scene, Mercedes and Maria Cruz both immediately got involved in every way they could. Mercedes specializes in antique restoration, giving classic pieces a second life. She also draws inspiration from her experience working with murals, Italian frescos and trompe l’oiel, which uses artistic elements and optical illusions to trick the eye into seeing pieces in three dimensions. Maria Cruz’s experience is rooted in the fashion industry. Working in various stages of design and production of luxury items, including shoes, handbags and jewelry, Maria Cruz’s appreciation for an artist’s process and the creation of beauty is beyond measure. Together, the pair are blending their expertise and releveling in nature to bring Vieterra to bloom. 



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